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Thirty-One Gifts explained by HOT, Ed Page (Husband Of Thirty-One)

I am a Thirty-One husband. I love my wife.  She is my best friend, my daughters’ mother, my better half.  She is talented and loving and fun.  And she spends money on some ridiculous stuff. It is no secret that money, … Continue reading

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Our Marriage by the Numbers

0 – Number of times we kissed before we got engaged 1- Number of dates we went on before we got engaged 2 – Number of children we’ve brought into the world 3 – Number of pets we have 4 … Continue reading

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The Husband Meme

OK, so I keep breaking my promise to write about Booksfree.com, but I saw this on The Diaper Diaries and just had to post my own answers.  This meme is in regards to Ed and myself. How long did you … Continue reading

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Moment of Truth…the irony and the agony

It happened again.  I went into our bedroom last night and “Moment of Truth” was on TV.  Before I could change the channel, I got sucked in.  For those of you who don’t know, the contestants on this show are asked … Continue reading

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Heaven Sent

Heaven Sent Below is a copy of a post my husband submitted to a contest for a free Valentine’s dinner.  My comments follow Ed’s. Submitted by Ed (not verified) on January 29, 2008 – 1:30pm. Emily and I first met … Continue reading

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