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Don’t Give Up On Me!!

I promise I am not one of those bloggers that starts off strong and gets bored with writing a blog.  I LOVE writing but just have not had the time.  In fact, except to eat dinner, this is really the … Continue reading

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Kindergarten Update

Hailey is the Terrific Kid for her class this week.  She is the last one in her class to be chosen because you had to have not moved your apple all week in order to be chosen. She got to … Continue reading

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Me (as a child) vs. My Kids

Me: Tang at breakfast, Kool-Aid at lunch, Sweet Tea at dinner My Kids: Milk at breakfast and dinner, Gatorade at lunch Me: Nesquik out of a can with a lid you had to pry open My Kids: Nesquik out of a … Continue reading

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Hailey has two nasty bruises on her arm.  I asked her if she knew where she got them.  She looked at me very seriously and then said, “I have things written in my head and that might be written in … Continue reading

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The Apple Tree

In Hailey’s kindergarten class, there is an apple tree.  It isn’t a real tree of course, but pieces of laminated posterboard made to look like a tree. Each child has an apple with their name on it.  If they misbehave … Continue reading

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