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Happy Anniversary to ME!

It has been three years since I joined Thirty-One gifts as a consultant.  I had NO IDEA how my life would change as a result of that one decision. I saw a Thirty-One booth at our county fair in the … Continue reading

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 (She just wants to be close to us!) It was raining pretty hard when we went to get in the car this morning.  Leah was carrying her umbrella in one hand and her blanket in the other.  I overheard her … Continue reading

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Deep Thoughts with Emily

When you haven’t blogged for a while, you want to come up with a really awesome post that will blow your readers away and remind them why they kept checking your blog even though you hadn’t posted anything in days.  … Continue reading

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Cops and Robbers 2008

Conversation Lindsay had with one of our preschoolers who was pretending to rob a bank: L: You know what happens when you rob a bank don’t you? Child: Yeah, you get rich!! L: You can’t spend the money or you’ll … Continue reading

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Weekend Movie Picks

It is going to be a gorgeous weekend, but just in case you are looking for a movie to watch at night after you are exhausted from playing in the sunshine, here are some suggestions.  I have planned to write … Continue reading

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Me (as a child) vs. My Kids

Me: Tang at breakfast, Kool-Aid at lunch, Sweet Tea at dinner My Kids: Milk at breakfast and dinner, Gatorade at lunch Me: Nesquik out of a can with a lid you had to pry open My Kids: Nesquik out of a … Continue reading

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The little green monster

We are having serious issues with jealousy in our house.  I spent the last 10 days with Hailey and Leah and had to be very careful with dividing my affections and my attention.  Here are some questions I got from Hailey this … Continue reading

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