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 (She just wants to be close to us!) It was raining pretty hard when we went to get in the car this morning.  Leah was carrying her umbrella in one hand and her blanket in the other.  I overheard her … Continue reading

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A Cat Diary

I received this in an email and it made me laugh so hard I had to share.  I have made slight modifications to fit Buster.  We don’t actually have a bird, but it was funny so I kept it in. … Continue reading

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Hailey has two nasty bruises on her arm.  I asked her if she knew where she got them.  She looked at me very seriously and then said, “I have things written in my head and that might be written in … Continue reading

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Dog-Eating Cat

I did pull Buster off of Daisy and make him leave her alone…but not until after I got these pictures.  When we first adopted Buster, Daisy went ballistic.  The first night we had Buster inside, Daisy chased him under the … Continue reading

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