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I miss my sister

My sister, Jo Ellen lives many, many miles away in Minnesota.   Today is her birthday.  I miss her all the time, but holidays and birthdays are a time to be with family and it makes me very sad to not … Continue reading

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Great Birthday

Besides the usual reasons like being with family, gifts and birthday cake, here are some reasons why I had a great birthday yesterday: 1. My mom let me choose what I wanted for dinner AND she made homemade cinnamon rolls … Continue reading

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Grouchy mom

  I hate this time of year.  Budget time.  When I am at work, constant interruptions makes it difficult to concentrate on my budget.  When I am at home, my kids make it even more difficult.  Leah wants to snuggle, … Continue reading

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Things I learned from my sister, Julie

Because of our age difference (I won’t say how many years so that I don’t get in trouble), I didn’t always have my oldest sister, Julie, around.  When she was around, I was either pestering her (I would hide behind the … Continue reading

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