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I had to take Fred and Ginger to the vet on Friday and Dr. Schaller informed me that she had received a call from State that day that Buster not only had two forms of lung cancer, he also had … Continue reading

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Where to start??

So, I took a vacation.  I didn’t go anywhere exciting or really do anything exciting…but I truly took a vacation from just about everything.  Work, facebook, wine charms, writing my blog, reading blogs, email, reading the newspaper (that would explain … Continue reading

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Introducing Fred and Ginger

To all of you who emailed me or have written comments here or on facebook …thank you.  I have not responded because I’m really just not ready yet…and I’m taking the time to bond with my new babies. Please let … Continue reading

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Our Faith and His Spunk Were Not Enough

At 2:30 this afternoon, I was able to hold and comfort Buster as he took his last breath.  These past two days have been incredibly difficult for our family and today was one of the worst days of my life.  … Continue reading

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Buster Update

Buster is doing okay this morning but they said it is still touch and go.  When they took him out of the oxygen cage to do his vitals, he was very affectionate and wanted to be petted but had difficulty … Continue reading

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Prayers for Buster (Again)

Exactly one year ago yesterday, a sweet, stray tuxedo kitten stole our heart and we adopted him into our family.  Six months ago Buster showed his strength and bravery by making it through an amputation surgery due to a cancerous tumor … Continue reading

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Dog Party!

You may have read about the wonderful Dog Party Kim threw for a few canine friends.  The dogs and their humans had a great time!  We were able to take Daisy with us but Copper had to stay home because … Continue reading

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Buster Update

Several people have asked me how Buster is doing so I thought I would give you an update.  Buster’s biopsy did show that the tumor was cancerous.  The good thing is that Dr. Schallerwas able to remove all the cancer … Continue reading

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My Vote for Best Vet

I have always loved All Animals because they are so sweet to our dogs.  I love that they can board at Rae-Zor and have vet services from All Animals while they are there.  I still love All Animals but Dr. … Continue reading

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I just got a call that Buster’s x-ray is clear so they are proceeding with surgery! Ever had to explain to young children that you can cry because you are so happy? I won’t be able to give an update … Continue reading

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