About Me

I was born in Washington, NC to Leroy and Judy Waters.  I have two older sisters, Julie and Jo Ellen.  Growing up, I spent a lot of time on my Grandmama and Granddaddy’s farm.  I planted corn, dug potatoes, shucked corn, gathered eggs, fed the chickens and the pigs, shelled beans, and picked up pecans.  It was never hard work because Grandmama made it fun and we wanted to be with her and help her.  I still have the cracked pink sand pail I used to put eggs in.  I rode on the back of the tractor, played king of the hill, rolled down the hill, climbed trees, swung on the homemade tree swing for hours, searched the driveway for sharks teeth, pestered my older cousins, and generally had the best possible childhood.  My Grandmama kept me before I went off to Kindergarten and after school.  She was the absolute best and I miss her very much.  I wish so much that she would have lived to meet my girls.  I know they would have adored her as much as I did.

I went to Bath High School (painting above by Frans Van Barrs) which was a K-12 school until after 5th grade.  My mom taught math to the high schoolers. I still remember what a treat it was to get to ride to school with my oldest sister in her orange Pinto. Sometimes my mom would let me eat breakfast in the cafeteria and I thought that was just the biggest deal. I remember being upset when we moved that I was one year away from being able to go to the lower grades and collect lunch tickets.

I went to Joyner Elementary in Raleigh for my 5th grade year.  That is a year best forgotten.  I was taught nothing and therefore I learned nothing (well, I did learn how to play jacks, cards, and chess because that is what we would do while our teacher was out of the room…which was most of the time).I went to Daniels Middle School and Broughton High School.  My mom taught at Broughton so I always had a ride and access to money!  I even used my mom’s AV cart as my locker one year when my locker was on the 3rd floor away from all of my classes.

Old Well in spring surrounded by blossomsI followed both of my sisters to UNC-Chapel Hill.  We all three worked for the same professor, Dr. Lee during our time at Carolina.  He loved the fact that all the “Waters girls” worked for him.  Jo Ellen and I overlapped at UNC for a year.  She was very busy with her last year of Pharmacy school but we took swimming lessons together (you had to pass a swim test to graduate at UNC) and she would cook for me at her apartment.  I met my husband, Ed, at the beginning of my sophomore year.  You can read more about our story in my “Heaven Sent” post.  We will celebrate our 15 year anniversary in May of 2013.  We have two daughters, Hailey (10) and Leah (7).  Copper (our old man beagle), Penny (beagle/jack russell), Chrissy (maltipoo), and our shelter cats – Bo, Fred, and Ginger – round out our crazy household.

I have been an activities coordinator for a dementia ward of a retirement complex (very briefly…I hated it) and a preschool teacher.  I worked in human resources at both Glaxo Wellcome and Wyeth Vaccines. I was the Director of a 5-star developmental day center in Sanford for 8.5 years before leaving to pursue Thirty-One full-time!

I was raised as a Wolfpacker but saw the light and now I bleed Carolina blue (sorry, dad).  I love to read.  The most I have read is 4 books in one day.  I make good use of booksfree.com and the free books available on ibooks.  I love photography, Harry Potter, penguins, Disney World, and chocolate.  I could spend my entire salary at Target.  I wish I could sing and I wish I could play the piano.  I love reality TV, especially Big Brother, Undercover Boss, and Mobbed.  I cannot eat gluten, dairy, or eggs and I desperately miss pizza and Goodberry’s Frozen Custard!


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  2. burnsblog says:

    Emily, Thanks so much for your great comment! I am so glad you like the toffee — I so enjoy making it! I enjoy your blog every day!

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