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I miss my sister

My sister, Jo Ellen lives many, many miles away in Minnesota.   Today is her birthday.  I miss her all the time, but holidays and birthdays are a time to be with family and it makes me very sad to not … Continue reading

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Road Trip Randomness

I had to go to Goldsboro today for a regional managers meeting.  It is no secret that I hate meetings and trainings.  They give me a headache and sitting still for hours at a time is pure torture for me.  … Continue reading

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Dog Party!

You may have read about the wonderful Dog Party Kim threw for a few canine friends.  The dogs and their humans had a great time!  We were able to take Daisy with us but Copper had to stay home because … Continue reading

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Soccer Mom? More like Photog Mom!

I am not one of those parents who constantly yells at their children from the sidelines.  I will of course yell Hailey’s name and encourage her but I certainly won’t tell her (like the opposing coach yelled to one of … Continue reading

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Clue Jr.

I am too tired to write much tonight but just wanted to say that I love this game: If you have young children (5-8), I highly recommend adding this to your Christmas shopping list.  This game utilizes critical thinking skills … Continue reading

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At dinner last night, I told Hailey she needed to sit on her bottom and be still. Leah said, “Mommy, I can’t sit on my bottom, I have to sit on my knees because I’m not long enough.”

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Anyone Hungry?

How cool is this??  Lindsay has her own food column in The Sanford Herald.  If you aren’t lucky enough to live in beautiful Sanford, NC…never fear, you can read it on the Herald’s new website here.  You will have to register, … Continue reading

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