Time Flies

I was flipping through the mail yesterday and saw that we had mail from UNC’s General Alumni Association.  This was not unusual.  As life members of the GAA and members of the Ram’s Club, we get a lot of mail from UNC.  I don’t know what made me flip back to the flyer, but I did and I saw that it was for Rampage ’08.  At first, this was not remarkable to me – we get information about Rampage (Homecoming) every year. 

But wait.  This isn’t just ANY homecoming.  This is the homecoming where my class will celebrate its 10th reunion.   Have we really been out of college for 10 years?  I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up and I have been out of college for 10 years??

College was a wonderful time and I feel so blessed to have gone to Carolina.  It is a beautiful, majestic school and I am proud to call it my alma mater.

Most of my friends from high school went to Carolina.  Not only were we at the same school, but the majority of us were in the same dorm – and even on the same floor.   One by one, my female friends decided to rush and join sororities.  I don’t have anything against sororities, but it just wasn’t my thing.  Even if it was something I wanted to do, there was no way I could have afforded to join in.  Suddenly my friends had a whole new world that did not include me.   For the first time since middle school, I felt disconnected from my friends.  I have two regrets about college. My biggest regret is that I drifted away from my friends.  (My other regret is that I wish I had gotten more involved in activities.  I wanted very badly to audition for a play but I was too much of a chicken. )

My roommate (who was one of my best friends from high school) found a room closer to campus and her boyfriend and wanted me to move with her.  I went to tour the dorm and immediately felt out of place.  It was an all girls dorm and there were sorority posters on almost every door.  Besides, the dorm we were already living in was closer to my boyfriend’s dorm.   My decision not to move with her caused tension among our friends.  I wish I had put more effort into keeping those friendships strong even when our lives were changing so dramatically.

My favorite memory of my freshman year is probably taking swimming lessons with my sister so that we could pass the swimming test together.  We would take classes at the Y and she would take me back to her apartment and make dinner for me.  Even noodles with Parmesan cheese can taste gourmet at your big sister’s apartment!  We did end up taking the swim test together and we both passed!

At the end of the year, I was recruited to be an orientation counselor (OC) for incoming freshmen.  Another OC, Jen, and I became fast friends.  On one of our first days of orientation, I saw a boy across the Avery dorm lobby and asked Jen about him. His name was Ed.  He was cute.  But (according to Jen) he had a long-term girlfriend whom he adored. 

He was still cute.

Ed and I talked some at a mixer that night and again at a sundae party the next night.  It seemed like he was flirting with me which I found odd since he supposedly had this girlfriend.  The next thing I knew, I had whipped cream in my hair and Ed was running out the door.  Seriously.  Whipped cream.   He was a JUNIOR in college and he put whipped cream in my hair.  THIS was his idea of flirting.  It still makes me smile.

Obviously, Ed and his girlfriend had broken up over the summer and Jen just didn’t know yet.  Ed and I got to know each other very quickly and had a lot of fun together.  Everyone thought we were dating because we spent so much time together and much of that time was spent flirting.  According to Ed, we could not date because he knew we could have a great thing…and if he dated me then, I would just be a rebound. 


Luckily for him, I was patient.  I dated.  He dated.  We had a standing agreement that if we had plans and a “real” date came along, we could break our plans.  I can only think of one time on each of our sides when that happened.  We just had more fun together.  I knew we would end up together.  Ed was just slower to catch on.

Most of you know the rest of our story by now.  In a nutshell, we went straight from the not-dating best friend thing to being engaged.  The first time I kissed him was after I said that yes, I would marry him. When you know, you know.  When you have faith in God and you know something is in His plan, you don’t worry about the details, you know He will take care of it.

We have been married for ten years and I cannot imagine what my life would have been like without him.  I love him unconditionally (okay…there is one condition…he can’t cheat on me) and with every ounce of my being.  Sure we have had fights, but there have never been “rough patches” and we remain best friends to this day.  There is no one I would rather spend my time with.

WARNING>>>RANDOM THOUGHT ALERT>>>You may have caught that I graduated 10 years ago and I got married 10 years ago…yeah, ONE WEEK APART.  I have watched Lindsay plan her wedding over the past year and we have both questioned how in the world I was able to plan a wedding and complete my therapeutic recreation internship, work at the pharmacy school, and still complete a 14 hour course load.   I even learned calligraphy so that I could address all of my invitations.  I was young, in love, and a little crazy!

A last note to my BHS/UNC friends…especially KTH, CPS, and KLA – please know that even though we did drift apart in college, I still love you and cherish our friendship.  I wish things had worked out a little differently our freshman year and that I had worked harder to stay connected to all of you.  Even if we don’t have a lot of shared UNC memories, we have enough BHS memories to last a lifetime!  Love you all!

About emilypage

I have been married to my husband, Ed since 1998. We have two daughters, Hailey (9) and Leah (6). I have been the Director of Easter Seals UCP Stepping Stones Children's Center in Sanford since 2004. I am an Independent Senior Director for Thirty-One and I absolutely LOVE it! I was raised as a Wolfpacker but saw the light and now I bleed Carolina blue (sorry, dad).
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4 Responses to Time Flies

  1. your far away sister says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed the Parmesan Noodles… Still one of my favs next to overly salted and buttered sticky white rice. yummmm love some fat and starch

    I was just talking about our swimming lessons last week in preparation for our sailing class! Too funny.

    glad to see you all are well. I totally relate to your TV and chocolate chips blog entry… seriously, how did it get to be 8:30 now??? And what have I accomplished tonight??? I think I’m going to go get some chocolate chips. love you!

  2. your far away sister says:

    oh, by the way, Scott and I met TWENTY years ago this summer. and I am drinking coffee, BLACK.

    wrinkles only go where the smiles have been – Jimmy Buffett

  3. kweenmama says:

    Thanks for this post. It brought back so many memories from my college days.

  4. emilypage says:

    JoE – you are so old 😉

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