Wall Pops


When we moved to Sanford in 2000, we did not have children and we were not expecting a child…but we knew we wanted to have a baby in the next couple of years.  One of the bedrooms was very small but had a vaulted ceiling and a Palladian window.  It was just perfect for a nursery.  We decided it would be wise to paint the room before we moved any furniture into the room. 

I’m not really sure now where I got the idea, but I decided to paint a border at chair-rail height.  Ed measured and drew the lines for me and then I painted between the lines. I don’t like painters’ tape and so I first painted the lines with a very small paintbrush.  If you know me, you know I am very obsessive about things being straight.  Luckily it was a small room as this took forever.  Once the blue border was complete, I added the yellow stars with a 3-star sponge.  I eventually had to fill in by only doing one star at a time.  This was truly a labor of love.  I was VERY ready to move into a larger house but I hated to leave this room.  We couldn’t exactly take a part of the wall with us!  When we were selling our house, my one condition was that I would not paint that room.  There was NO WAY I could paint over those stars. 

We have been in our house for a year and Hailey still talks about missing her stars.  She has begged me to do it again in her new room.  I wanted something unique, but without the labor!  I found the perfect solution with Wall Pops.

Wall Pops are removable, re-positionable stickers.  We bought a package of 4 sheets at Target for $17.95.  The OCD/AR part of me wishes I had been a little more systematic in my approach, but I just started sticking the polka dots on willy nilly.  I wish it was a little more uniform all around the room, but I still love the effect and think their room really “pops” now!


About emilypage

I have been married to my husband, Ed since 1998. We have two daughters, Hailey (9) and Leah (6). I have been the Director of Easter Seals UCP Stepping Stones Children's Center in Sanford since 2004. I am an Independent Senior Director for Thirty-One and I absolutely LOVE it! I was raised as a Wolfpacker but saw the light and now I bleed Carolina blue (sorry, dad).
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6 Responses to Wall Pops

  1. Jamie Stamm says:

    Both rooms are so cute! I’ve been promising Cera we’ll redo her room since December. But now that I finally have the time, we don’t have the money 😦

  2. Heidi says:

    Those are cute! I love the color of the room too.

  3. Melissa W says:

    Very cute! I’m like you…doing it randomly would kill a small piece of me, but it looks really good that way!

  4. emilypage says:

    Thanks for the compliments! Heidi, I love the color of the room as well…if Ed would have it, it would be the color of our room as well!

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