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No wonder I’m tired

Here are some of my accomplishments for today: 1. Successfully wrestled homemade bread dough out of the mixing bowl and into the large bowl the dough rises in (it was like glue today for some reason)…I really wish I had … Continue reading

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Movie Mystery Solved

Ed rented “The Water Horse” last week.  When it was time to turn in the movie, it was NOWHERE to be found.  We looked for that movie for days.  I knew Leah had to have hidden it because she was … Continue reading

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Was it something I said?

Today was a curious day.  I had a record high of 150 hits.  I usually have about 30-40 hits on the weekends and 50-95 hits on the weekdays.  If you don’t write a blog, you may not know that the … Continue reading

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Cops and Robbers 2008

Conversation Lindsay had with one of our preschoolers who was pretending to rob a bank: L: You know what happens when you rob a bank don’t you? Child: Yeah, you get rich!! L: You can’t spend the money or you’ll … Continue reading

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Hailey’s week did not start off well last week.  We traded notes with her teacher and spent a lot of time talking to her about her behavior.  She ended the week on a much better note and with her teacher … Continue reading

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Weekend Movie Picks

It is going to be a gorgeous weekend, but just in case you are looking for a movie to watch at night after you are exhausted from playing in the sunshine, here are some suggestions.  I have planned to write … Continue reading

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Shade Structures

Do you have ANY idea how much shade structures for playgrounds cost??  I think they are spun from pure gold.

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