Cat Hatred

dsc_0909-wince.jpgOur dogs have always hated cats (don’t most dogs?) but i think they have taken their hatred to new levels.  When we first decided to adopt Buster the cat, we knew we had to have the dogs approval first.  We read some suggestions online as to how to introduce beagles and cats and how to get them to like each other.  Copper was the first to give in.  Copper has always been my baby.  I think once he realized that he could still drape himself all over me wherever I was that it really didn’t matter if there was a psycho kitten bouncing around all over the place (for the record, he is sitting beside me with his head on my leg right now).  Daisy took a little bit more time but after a few days, she too decided the cat was staying and she might as well deal with it. Now she is scared of the cat which I find hilarious.

Before Buster chose to come live with us, the dogs would growl and bark at our neighbors’ cats.  They would get all excited and stand on the back of the couch and try to chase away the cat with their barks.  Now it is personal.  They know what cats are like and they know they don’t want another one around. I feel at times that they are about to jump through our picture window when they see a cat.  They absolutely go insane.  If you could translate their barks, I think it would go something like this, “Oh no, one is enough…you better get away from here right now.  We let the little black fur ball stay but that is where we draw the line.  Go away, go away, go away!!  If they see you, they might bring you in too and we just can’t have that.  That thing stalks us and jumps out at us from under furniture and around corners.  It eats our food and drinks our water, sleeps on our bed and generally pesters the life out of us.  Really….come any close and we will eat you.  We can still see you.  Run, kitty, run!”  The worst is when they see a cat on the weekends during Leah’s nap.  You can forget anyone being able to sleep through that racket!

On a positive note, I set up our new kitty litter box last night.  I think it is called Clever Cat.  It basically looks like a Rubbermaid bin with a hole cut out of the lid.  For those of you who have ever had inside cats and dogs at the same time, you will understand the challenge of keeping the dogs from eating the…ummmm…”treats” buried in the kitty litter.  Copper is smart enough to not touch the stuff but Daisy just can’t help herself.  With the new box, she can’t eat the “treats”, Buster doesn’t knock the kitty litter all over the place, and you see a bin and not the litter.  Love it! (if you had told me a few months ago that I would say I loved a kitty litter box, I would have asked you what kind of cat nip you had gotten into.)

About emilypage

I have been married to my husband, Ed since 1998. We have two daughters, Hailey (9) and Leah (6). I have been the Director of Easter Seals UCP Stepping Stones Children's Center in Sanford since 2004. I am an Independent Senior Director for Thirty-One and I absolutely LOVE it! I was raised as a Wolfpacker but saw the light and now I bleed Carolina blue (sorry, dad).
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