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Hailey is at soccer practice so Leah is hanging out beside me in my bed (me preferred spot for working on the computer).  She is leaning back against the pillow in a pink pajama top and too-small red pants (she … Continue reading

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Four Things I love

1. After much online research, I purchased an Ab Lounge Ultra at Sears for $99.99 ($169.99 most places).  I have started back at Slender Lady on Hawkins but I wanted something that would do more to target my abs (thanks … Continue reading

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I guess I DIDN’T learn after all!

A few months ago, I wrote a post about things I have learned from my sister, Julie.  One of those things was to be careful to not put your home address on work-related orders.  I am usually very careful about … Continue reading

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Time Flies

I was flipping through the mail yesterday and saw that we had mail from UNC’s General Alumni Association.  This was not unusual.  As life members of the GAA and members of the Ram’s Club, we get a lot of mail … Continue reading

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TV and Chocolate Chips

I remember thinking when I was younger that it would be SO GREAT when I was in the “real world” because I wouldn’t have homework…I would just come home from work, eat dinner, and watch TV.  What was I thinking? … Continue reading

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Dreaming of Disney

It has been almost a year since our first family trip to Disney World and I am ready to go again.  It seems to me that Disney World is either a place you love or hate…and I am definitely in … Continue reading

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Just Because I Love Them

Disclaimer: Hailey and Leah spent the night at my mom and dad’s house the night before and Hailey is wearing one of my mom’s necklaces…she usually does not sport “bling”.

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DIY Project #2

Taming the toy and “stuff” monster at our house is always a challenge.  The lack of storage space made it more difficult to enforce cleaning because there wasn’t always a clearly defined space for all of the girls’ stuff.  We had … Continue reading

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Have a question about regulated child care??

I am completing another home project (I will post photos when I am finished) and was not planning on writing anything tonight but since my blog was mentioned in the paper today, I felt like I had to write SOMETHING.  … Continue reading

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Just Call me “Ty”

In spirit, I am totally a DIY type person.  I have tons of projects in my mind of things I would like to do.  In reality, I rarely attempt DIY projects.  Today I decided to tackle a project that has … Continue reading

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