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Garfield Minus Garfield

Those of you that read Billy Liggett’s blog know that some people take their daily comics very, very seriously.  Personally, I think comics like Garfield, Beetle Bailey, Mary Worth, Blondie, Peanuts, Cathy, Hagar, and (dare I say it?) Dennis the Menace … Continue reading

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Record Number of Hits and Moment of Truth Update

My “Moment of Truth” blog helped me to get a record number of hits today.  Seventeen people found my site by using “moment of truth” in a search engine.  I had visits from Canada, Israel, Singapore, France, Korea, Japan, and 20 … Continue reading

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Houdini the Cat

If we knew then what we know now, we surely would have named Buster “Houdini” instead.  Buster is still a kitten and does not know yet that he can’t just jump up on or scratch away at anything he wants.  … Continue reading

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Moment of Truth…the irony and the agony

It happened again.  I went into our bedroom last night and “Moment of Truth” was on TV.  Before I could change the channel, I got sucked in.  For those of you who don’t know, the contestants on this show are asked … Continue reading

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About 98% of the time, Leah is very, very good about listening and following directions…but, she is 2.  This afternoon was part of the 2%.  As we were walking into the Y to get Hailey, Leah asked me if she could … Continue reading

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Things I learned from my sister, Julie

Because of our age difference (I won’t say how many years so that I don’t get in trouble), I didn’t always have my oldest sister, Julie, around.  When she was around, I was either pestering her (I would hide behind the … Continue reading

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Good Ol’ Roy

My husband’s blog is all about UNC but it seems that I just can’t keep Good Ol’ Roy from making appearances in my blog as well.  We were in the car tonight while the UNC coaches’ show was being broadcast.  … Continue reading

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Hailey has two nasty bruises on her arm.  I asked her if she knew where she got them.  She looked at me very seriously and then said, “I have things written in my head and that might be written in … Continue reading

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Martian Child

  This movie did not get very good reviews, but I loved it.  It is based on a true story which feeds my need to peek into other people’s lives.  A recently widowed science-fiction writer (John Cusack) has the opportunity … Continue reading

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Gimghoul Castle

I don’t like  hate secrets.  I hate when people tell me they know something I don’t know but they can’t tell me.  Why tell me you know something if you aren’t going to tell me? It drove me nuts when … Continue reading

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